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The laser is applied externally and has been proven through double-blind, multi-site, placebo controlled clinical trials to emulsify adipose tissue. As with all great technology, there are advancements and the Zerona-Z6 is just that. Through customer feedback and our endless quest to provide the best non-invasive procedure possible, we have now upgraded the Zerona technology to maximize coverage and offer a better overall treatment. With the reconfiguration of the diodes on the new Z6, you can now be assured your clients are receiving the most researched and clinically effective body contouring procedure available.

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New! Cavi-lipo GT®

New! Cavi-lipo GT® is a very comfortable method to dissolve fat & cellulite and improve your health and contour your body line easily. This device is aim to painless massaging and its technology is based on safe cavitation method according to professional medical researches.

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110$per Package
  • Special's Day

    • 1 European Facial

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    • 1 Teeth Whitening

    • 1 Non Surgical Face Lift

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